“GMOW is a great opportunity to get out and explore in the State of Maine. It was a great event and I'm looking forward to many more. Thank you!”

Devin Littlefield Devin Littlefield - Maine Huts & Trails

"I most enjoyed the opportunity to meet and share stories with people I wouldn’t have otherwise met.There was a great spirit of participation."

GMOW Participant GMOW Participant

“The GMOW has brought new energy to our events. Non-profits like ours rely on new folks to share our mission with. The GMOW weekend is a great opportunity for us to show guests what we are about, the remarkable lands we conserve and in the process, hopefully entice new members and volunteers that will help sustain our organization.”

Jon Evans Jon Evans - Loon Echo Land Trust

"I brought a group of folks from the community center I work at to a GMOW outing. The event was a great way for them to try something new, and the host organization did a wonderful job catering the event to all ability levels!"

GMOW Participant GMOW Participant

“It's so important to give people a reason to get outside during winter. We were thrilled with the number of people who came out to enjoy our trails and work up a thirst for our craft beers. We even had a few first time snowshoers, and they loved it!”

Tim Bissell Tim Bissell - Gneiss Brewing Company

“The kids played outside the whole day--a day that started with -15 temperatures! They didn't even complain of being cold they were so busy cross country skiing, sledding, skating, ice fishing, and warming themselves by the fire with chili and hot chocolate.”

Sue Carroll Duffy Sue Carroll Duffy - Stronghearts
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